Thursday, May 8, 2014

MFM :)

haihhhhhh ,even type his initial name ,i can smile like crazy . :D hahahahah .cant even imagine how i smile if he is infront of me .heheheh .
who is MFM ?okay ,mybe most of my friend already knew his full name .but i still wanna tell everyone his full name .MFM is stand for MUHAMAD FAIZ BIN MAHFUDZ .proudly said ,he is my one and only sweetheart .my bae after my lovely parents and family .*wink wink kenyit mata* hahahahahaha lol

never expect ,never dream or even never crossed my mind that he will be this important in my life .still remember the very 1st time i talked to him .it was during blood donor program that held in ADK .time tu la baru kenal spe faiz sbnr nya .mst terkejut kan .time blood donor program tu dh la time sem 2 .kata satu kelas ,how come sem 2 baru kenal ?HAHAHA .time sem 1 ,tk pandang lngsng kot dia .even nama dia pun aku tktau time sem 1 tu .hahahahahah .teruk nya lahaiiii .yelaaa time dulu kan dh friendzoned semorang ,mana la nk perasan dia .hohoho

pastu ,after tu baru la start wassep .aku pun lupa spe yg start dulu .hahahahah .wassep everyday ,celik mata smpai la tutup mata nk tido .haha .time tu still kawan la .yela classmate kan ,tkkn nk buat sombong sgt .dia plak melayan je aku mengarut merepek semua .hahahaha .then bebudak kelas find out yg kteorg sllu wassep ,mmg apa lgi la kan .kne bahan habis2 la .hahahahahaha .kambing btol ,semua membahan smpai aku yg mulut bising ni pun tktau dh nk defend diri sndiri cemana .hhahaha

thennnnnnnnn .i dont know how can i fall in love with him .hahaha .starting from stranger and now be one of the important person in my life .pelik kan ?hahahah .hmmmm ,hidup ni mmg pelik pun .never imagine kot i can have this kind of relationship with him .hahahahah .taktau la cemana blh tersuka dkt bdk comel sorg tu tetiba je dah suka .hahahaaha lol

and how he tell his feeling to me and how this relationship begins ,it is a secret .just let only both of us know .heheheheh .but wanna tell you tht the way this relationship begins ,it is soooooo rare okay .RARE !hahahhahah .how funny it is when i remember our conversation on 1st march .hahahahaha .comel sgtttt tau !hahaha .bkn nya puji diri sndiri comel .the way he tell me his feeling tu yg comel .hehehe

others said "the mature relationship is when they in love in silence way without anyone knows" .hmmm ,but for me .i proudly tell everyone that i madly in love with him .why ???bcs having him as a lover is a blessed . :)
i date for marriage and that is why i really proud to tell everybody in this world bout him .is it too early to think bout marriage ?naaaaaaaaa ,this kind of thinking really have to throw away from our typical malaysian mindset .there is no "too early" okay .hmmmm .im already 19 y/o .

hahahaha .tetiba teringat our conversation .tht time ,i told him in sem 1 ,i never realize him .and know what he replied ?he said "hmm dlu pun aku tk suka kau .sbb bising sgt .sllu la jgk kutuk2 .dh la dlu kau selekeh" *ayat tu bkn nya la sebijik dia reply mcm tu ,i forgot already the real sentences* haha . BUT !!!kuangjaqq gler la ckp aku selekeh .eeeeeee .hmmmm tp ada la btol sikit apa dia ckp .ble scroll2 balik galery ,tgk gmba2 kelas .dlu2 mmg selekeh la ,i admit it .hahahahaha .
alaaa ,pegi kelas buat apa nk lawa2 ,bukan nya nk ngorat org pun .hmmm ,tapiii selekeh2 pun .ada jgk org tu yg sangkut kan .hahahahahah .k gurau ,gurau je .jgn marah *kenyit mata dkt echot* hehehehe .

okay ,last but not least .he is my biggest strength and my biggest weakness after my parents and family .even an hour in a day im not talking or having conversation with him ,my mood could turn to very horrible mood : worse than during my hormon changes .haaaaa ,see !!how important he is in my life .hahahaah .simply said ,he is my pill of happiness :)) hehehehe .without him ,my day is the worst and long day ever !!! hahaah *terasa over plak* haahahaha

after all ,i love you and proudly repeat it .i love youuu .hahahhaha .k should stop .kang ada yg muntah darah plak sbb bce entry gedik ni kn .hahahahhah .kbye ,assalamualaikum :) *kenyit mata dkt echot* heheheehe

if i have the time machine

can we turning back in time ?

how i wish i have the time machine .which i can turn back the time where we have a very long conversation ,without just "ohh yeke" "hmm okay" .the time where i can see your effort to talk to me first ,your effort to make it work .dont you ever realize ,there is no more "love you" at the end of our conversation ?hahaha .i just remember one picture you'd sent to me when i dont reply your "love you" ,there is a quote : "what is the worst way to respond to "i love you" ?"........."massage seen" .ha ha ha .
im not asking you to rply it but at least show me some effort .i know ,it is not fair to measure your love thru you say 'love you" or not .but ....*sigh* i dont know what to say anymore .

do you know what the worst feeling ever ?
caught you still keep in touch with ..........yeah ,you know who is it .no need to mention the name here .im not mad .i am NOT .im just jealous perhaps .
am i controlling him ?!!ohh my god .it is really not my intention .*double big sigh* .HAMIIIIIIII .wake up pls .

mybe there is a reason to leave him .but there are millions reason to stay with him .perhaps ,countless reasons to stay madly in love with him .
why ?
bcs i love him and will never let him go .bcs i feel blessed to know him and loved by him .too many things he had sacrifice for me .and one of the best thing ever is : see him in front of me .accompany me when i told him i feel fucking bored here .hahahah .

ya ALLAH ,i really be grateful to YOU bcs give me chances to know him ,to meet him in my life .i couldn't asking more ,just let him be my zauj to guide my whole entire life .ameenn .hehehehe *k tetiba rse gedik plak* HAHAHAHAH lol .

i accept him the way he is .and its okay la kalau setakat tk rply "love you" tu .you no need to say it ,i can see it thru all your actions .and im sorry if i controlling you .seriously ,it is not my intention at all !and sorry for the first pharagraph in this entry .that is only my thought and no need to take it serious .hmmm .mcm tk bersyukur plak ,merungut itu ini kan .hmmm how awful i am .dh kne layan mcm princess pun tk reti bersyukur .urghhhhhh .hami hami ...mohon hantuk kepala tu sikit dkt dinding !haish .

baru dia rply "ohh yeke" "hmm okay" dh merungut .ntah pape .tak fikir plak yg dia snggup naik moto drpd shah alam dtg sini semata nk teman kan kau tu ?!hmmmm .snggup kne hujan bagai .apa kau fikir shah alam-subang tu dkt sgt la ?!ya ALLAH hami ,manusia apa la kau ni .tk reti bersyukur lngsng ! :(
k tetiba rse teruk gler .hmmm ,manusia .simply said .kesalahan org tu sng je nk nmpk ,kebaikan ?buat baik besar mana pun ,pejam mata je pura2 tk nmpak .*sigh* and im human too .make a lot of mistakes and tk prnh bersyukur dgn apa yg ada .haish .

if i really have the time machine .i couldn't ask to change it based on what i want .i just want to change myself to be a better person .manusia yg reti bersyukur sikit .hahahahah .sentap bak hang ayat .padan muka to myself .HAHAHA .

okay la ,should stop rn .but before that ,muhamad faiz bin mahfudz , im sorry bcs u dpt buah hati yg tk reti bersyukur mcm ni .hahaha .i promise tkkn merungut pape lg dh .really grateful be in love with you ,and treated like a princess .ahaks .after all ,i love you and fucking miss you .
kbye .*lambai2 tgn* haha .terima la lambaian tgn drpd manusia tk reti bersyukur ni .hahahahah k gurau .

assalamualaikum :)