Sunday, September 8, 2013

Smile yet broken

Sometimes you have to pretend that you're okay
Because you don't want to put your emotions on display,
You distract yourself by reading a book or listening to a song
Because the words in them hit a hearts string and it best describes what you can't say
And sometimes you have to leave the past behind because those you confided in caused you pain
You start to wonder what if you're repeating the same mistake that you can't afford anymore heartache
So now it's up to you either to stay where you are or build up the walls
Because life is too short and it doesn't stop
So letsy yourdoubts go
-a spark of hope-

When did my feeling gets so deep
Why did they take that big long leap
Going from friend to crush
And i don't think he knows
I love how he looks and who he is
And how he makes me feel like this
I love how he's beautiful and smart with a heart so strong
Still he hasn't got a clue
I wonder if he cares that im moving on
I don't think he knew
And now he never will
-he will never know-

Im trying hard to refrain this feeling .pretending that i already forgot him .but nadzrin said ,pretending tends to hurt myself .but sokay .its better to hurt myself than live in the life full with hopes .

Not easy to build up the wall around your heart after you realize that you're fall hard with him .but at least im trying .yeah at least .hmm .make a friend with someone you love and have to pretend that you're nothing .it is not easy dude .*sigh