Friday, February 28, 2014

cry all night long

Hmmmmm ..two nights fill with tears . *hard sigh* .act tknk pun nangis tapi dh air mata ni rse mcm murah sgt nk keluar .dh try tahan ,tapi tk blh .haish .feel stupid when cry for this fucking shit feeling .my heart breaks into a pieces when he said "kawan jela" .KAWAN JE ??kfine .
My fault ...this is all my fault .sokay im fine with it .my fault bcs tk limit kn diri sndiri .dh tau dia suka org lain ,tp still mengada nk layan .and my fault again sbb dh tau classmate tpi layan lebih2 .*big sigh*

Haish .....knp mst bnde mcm ni jd skrg ?knp tk jd last week ?why after i opened my heart for you ,after i break the wall that i built up so strong ???can i asking you why ?
Being an option is not fun at all .kau tau kau suka org lain ,tp kau layan aku mcm ......hmmm ,ntah la .myb you just joking and i take it too serious .perhaps .my fault .

Can we just turn the time where we just a friend and no feeling like this ?im not put a blame on you ,not at all .no worries k .hmmmm .

Hmmmmm ...prev entry bru tulis pasal feeling2 ni .seriousshit ,just hate this fucking feeling bcs it makes me "cengeng" .sikit2 nk nangis .hate myself bcs of this .rse nk tampar diri sndri pun ada jgk .perlu ke nak nangis pasal lelaki ? ==" .haish .....hami hamii *geleng kepala* .tau tak bodoh je nangis pasal bnde mcm ni ?!

Hahahahah .and lawak sbb rse bodoh sikit la .acah2 la sgt kn tkkn fall in love dgn sespe especially classmate ,tp ended up diri sndiri yg merana .k k k ,forget it forget it .dh membebel dkt sini ,rse mcm okay sikit kot .hahahah lols .
After ni mst awkward gler dgn dia dlm kelas .*sigh* .tknk laaa mcm ni !!!!! Tkkn la nk habis kn masa sebulan je lg dkt PASUM mcm ni ?! :(

Normal la kan ,people do changed .and they come and go in our life .so accept it . :)
After this ,we're friend right ?*hulur tngn nk salam* .hahahaha lols .if only if ,he read this entry .haish .

Just want you know tht im glad be part of your life .wassep everyday ,all day long .bukak je mata bngun tido dh wassep smpai la nk tutup mata balik .pastu blnje mcm2 .sorry if kalau rse bosan aku merajuk hari2 tu .hmmm gurau2 je pun .and sorry again sbb lari time dpn koop tu .bukan nya merajuk sbb kau tknk blnje ,tp sbb tknk dh ambik duit kau .rse mcm dh byk sgt kau blnje aku .hmmmm .sorry :(

And sorry sbb tersuka dkt kau .tknk pun sbnr nya ,sbb kte kn kawan :) but its sokay ,i know how to limit myself after this .hehehehe .no worries k .
Hahahahahah .td nangis ,tp skrg gelak plak .hmmm ,tk faham btol la aku .pelik ?mmg pelik pun .sometimes even me cant understand with myself . *sigh*
Hmmmm ,sokay la hami .cool je .act like nothing happen .arasso ?HAHAHAHA .friendship is much more important than this feeling yg ntah pape je .sooooo forget it .
I love our friendship and miss the old us .dont know how to face each other in class . :( *sigh* .