Thursday, February 20, 2014

from me for you guys

H3 2nd class in pasum .still remember how hard i cried after got news have to change class from K2 to H3 ,how worried i am bcs have to meet new friends .hmmmm .but ALLAH know the best for me .this new class was the best class i ever had .hahahaha .acah2 mcm byk kelas plak prnh aku msuk dkt pasum ni .hehhehe .but i really sure that my class rn was the best for my journey in here .

I get really closed with them .alhamdulillah .be one of the 9 girls in the class was superb amazing !hahahahha .mye cuya zai jijah aida nel syira and neddy ,they treat me like im not a new member at all .1st day entered the new class not as terrified as i imagined bfore .hahahahah .thanks a lot guys :) .

And the 3rd day as a new member ,was chemistry lab .and have to sit in btwn amir and mior .guess what i thought at that time .hahahah ."haish .what a bad luck for me .be the only girl was transferred into tht class .and now ,hve to be the only girl sit at tht row." .hahahha.

But alhamdulillah .evrythng was fine .and started from chemistry lab ,i started to know amir and other gentlemen in tht class .he helps me a lot during the experiment .a lot okay !hahaha .thanks amir .
Then we get closer and now he is my gediks partner .hahaha .

Hmmmm .now bout the girls .i thanked a lot to them .bcs the way they treat me as a new friend ,i never get awkward .day by day ,we get closer and closer .never get bored with them .hahahhaa .always have ideas and topics to talk and tease each other .
Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ..i just cant imagine how is my life at the end of this journey .can we still keep in touch ?can we meet ,talk ,gossiping ,teasing ,joking like this anymore ?

6weeks left .............
Its not a long time .absolutely not .i feel time flies so fast rn .ooo Allah ,am i tht strong to leave them ?am i still get chances to keep this friendship till jannah ?
I always keep in my mind tht Allah know the best for me ...just to calm myself whn this feeling of losing them bothering me .
InsyaALLAH .this friendship remains till jannah .insyaALLAH .i put all my trust on ALL MIGHTY

Dear friends ,

My love for you guys is beyond than wht you all can imagine .im sorry for all my wrong doing ,my overreacting ,my harsh words and so many more .just want you to know tht im glad to have friends like you all .i jimbit you guys a lot !!!hahahahaha .

InsyaALLAH ,all the memories will remains in my heart .i knw ,its hard to keep in touch and remember all the moments after evryone have their own life after pasum .and if one find day ,we met again and at tht time we not recognise each other .i just want to tell you guys tht i never regret spend my life here ,in pasum with you guys .never regret and never will .