Saturday, April 5, 2014

a week left .

hiii there,

1 more week left .........
haish , its sooo heartbreaking when i think bout the reality .reality that i just have only one more week or probably less than that to spend time with my lovely one ,friends ,classmate and others .yeah ,maybe i just hate the life here : PASUM, bcs im not being the one that i wanted : pandai ,result gempak ,best student as in tikl and no more "budak pandai" here .there are sooo many reasons why i hate life in here ,BUT ......there are also thousands or maybe countless reasons why i dont want to ended this foundation .hmmmm .wanna cry when think bout it .i just hate being in this kind of situation : counting the day to end all of these . *sigh*

hmmmm ...3 more papers to go .act 4 ,but it is english paper ,not so important ,so ignore it .HAHAHAHA lol .been through a week full of stress and sleepless but alhamdulillah im still alive .hohohoho .alhamdulillah bcs im done with 5 papers even tkde la yakin sgt jwpn tu btol .hmmm ,tktau la future after pasum ni mcm mana .arghhhhhhh , cant even imagine how is my life after this .*big sigh*

k dh tktau nk ckp apa sbb tk plan pun tulis entry ni .hmmm ......jom la study for 3 more papers onwards .fighting !!!!  hahahahahaah .and the most impotant think is : lets gain countless more memories here :)

bye and assalamualaikum  .