Friday, February 28, 2014

cry all night long

Hmmmmm ..two nights fill with tears . *hard sigh* .act tknk pun nangis tapi dh air mata ni rse mcm murah sgt nk keluar .dh try tahan ,tapi tk blh .haish .feel stupid when cry for this fucking shit feeling .my heart breaks into a pieces when he said "kawan jela" .KAWAN JE ??kfine .
My fault ...this is all my fault .sokay im fine with it .my fault bcs tk limit kn diri sndiri .dh tau dia suka org lain ,tp still mengada nk layan .and my fault again sbb dh tau classmate tpi layan lebih2 .*big sigh*

Haish .....knp mst bnde mcm ni jd skrg ?knp tk jd last week ?why after i opened my heart for you ,after i break the wall that i built up so strong ???can i asking you why ?
Being an option is not fun at all .kau tau kau suka org lain ,tp kau layan aku mcm ......hmmm ,ntah la .myb you just joking and i take it too serious .perhaps .my fault .

Can we just turn the time where we just a friend and no feeling like this ?im not put a blame on you ,not at all .no worries k .hmmmm .

Hmmmmm ...prev entry bru tulis pasal feeling2 ni .seriousshit ,just hate this fucking feeling bcs it makes me "cengeng" .sikit2 nk nangis .hate myself bcs of this .rse nk tampar diri sndri pun ada jgk .perlu ke nak nangis pasal lelaki ? ==" .haish .....hami hamii *geleng kepala* .tau tak bodoh je nangis pasal bnde mcm ni ?!

Hahahahah .and lawak sbb rse bodoh sikit la .acah2 la sgt kn tkkn fall in love dgn sespe especially classmate ,tp ended up diri sndiri yg merana .k k k ,forget it forget it .dh membebel dkt sini ,rse mcm okay sikit kot .hahahah lols .
After ni mst awkward gler dgn dia dlm kelas .*sigh* .tknk laaa mcm ni !!!!! Tkkn la nk habis kn masa sebulan je lg dkt PASUM mcm ni ?! :(

Normal la kan ,people do changed .and they come and go in our life .so accept it . :)
After this ,we're friend right ?*hulur tngn nk salam* .hahahaha lols .if only if ,he read this entry .haish .

Just want you know tht im glad be part of your life .wassep everyday ,all day long .bukak je mata bngun tido dh wassep smpai la nk tutup mata balik .pastu blnje mcm2 .sorry if kalau rse bosan aku merajuk hari2 tu .hmmm gurau2 je pun .and sorry again sbb lari time dpn koop tu .bukan nya merajuk sbb kau tknk blnje ,tp sbb tknk dh ambik duit kau .rse mcm dh byk sgt kau blnje aku .hmmmm .sorry :(

And sorry sbb tersuka dkt kau .tknk pun sbnr nya ,sbb kte kn kawan :) but its sokay ,i know how to limit myself after this .hehehehe .no worries k .
Hahahahahah .td nangis ,tp skrg gelak plak .hmmm ,tk faham btol la aku .pelik ?mmg pelik pun .sometimes even me cant understand with myself . *sigh*
Hmmmm ,sokay la hami .cool je .act like nothing happen .arasso ?HAHAHAHA .friendship is much more important than this feeling yg ntah pape je .sooooo forget it .
I love our friendship and miss the old us .dont know how to face each other in class . :( *sigh* .

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

wondering .......

you know what im thinking rn ??i just cant stop thinking and wondering how many girls out there you treat like this ?am i the only one or there are a few girls too ??

okay ,lupa plak nk bg salam .hahahah .assalamualaikum . :)

friendzone .....
i had fiendzoned all the guys tht i ever met in my life .reasons ?bcs friendzone can protect me from being too hoping and broken heart . :) friendzoned bcs im scared of being rejected .plan to be heartless .tapi faham2 jela hati pmpuan kan .nk tabah mana la sgt .acah2 je kental ,tapi lelaki buat baik sikit dah cair .hahahahaha .aku cakap mcm tu sbb aku pun mcm tu .dah brp puluh kali nk jd heartless tapiiiiiii at last tersasar jgk .tapi ble dh start sedar nk tersasar tu ,cepat2 la limit kan diri sndiri .build up the wall around myself .hohohoh .

so ,jgn la pelik kalau tgk aku rapat dgn kwn2 lelaki especially classmate .sbb semua nya dh friendzoned .ada la jgk kadang2 tu nk tersuka sbb diaorg baik sgt .taaaaapiiiiii .classmate kot ....and like usual ,the wall tht i built up is sooooooo hard to break .hahahaha .well ,anak kontraktor berjaya kot ,setakat nk build dinding konkrit tu ,apa la sgt kan ..HAHAAHAH .pbnde la aku mengarut ni .hmm ,lantak la .blog aku kan .tk suka,jgn baca .hah ,sng cter .hahahahahha lols .

hmmm ,and one more thing .sometimes ,im wondering i the only girl you treat like this ?or mmg perangai kau mcm tu ,yg baik sgt dgn org ?hmmmm ,ntah la .still cant find the answer .hahahahaa .hmm ,lupa kan la ..kalau kau suka aku ,try la break the wall .kalau tak ,jgn nk baik sgt smpai aku TERsuka kau then you just leave like nothing happen .understood ?hahahahah .
hmm ,ni la one of the reason jgk knp aku friendzoned semua lelaki dalam hidup aku .mostly lelaki yg aku kenal ,semua nya terlampau baik and ble pmpuan yg korg layan baik sgt tu tersuka dkt korg ,korg bg alasan yg mcm mintak kaki je : "aku mmg layan semua pmpuan mcm ni .pmpuan ni je yg cpt sgt perasan" .almost semua lelaki yg aku kenal mcm ni .thts why la aku takut nk jd one of the girls yg jd mangsa tanpa niat korg tu .haish .... *big sigh*
and im not the type of the girl yg faham ayat kias2 and pickup line korg tu .faham ,mmg la faham .tapi saja2 buat tk faham and tknk faham pun sbb tknk ter-fall in love dgn korg .hahahaha .kalau suka ,ckp suka .kalau tak suka ,ckp tk suka .this is sooo me .aku tk suka org yg berkias2 bagai ni .hahahahaha .yelaaa ,ramai je pun lelaki yg sweet talker skrg ,mulut manis macam curah selori madu dlm mulut .so tktau nk percaya korg mmg betul2 mksd kn apa yg korg ckp or mmg itu perangai semula jadi korg yg cakap semua nya manis2 belaka .hhahhahhaa .

ada jgk kang yg tk pepasal kne bash sbb buat entry mcm ni .hahahaha .chill la .aku rse semua org ada opinion sndiri kan .kalau korg terasa and sentap tu ,its not my fault .hohohoh .

hah .......ada satu fake acc insta ni nk follow aku even dah berpuluh kali aku disapprove .hahahahaha .eh2 ,bukan nya perasan hot okay .just nk sharing je .kot2 la stalker tu stalk aku smpai baca blog ni .just nk tnya yg apa function kau stalk aku ?hahahahahah .instinct aku kuat mengatakan yg stalker tu die hard fans amir ...yelaaa ,amir kan hensem ,hot ,pandai semua .HAHAHAAH .mst korg wondering kn ,knp aku yakin sgt yg die hard fans amir yg buat fake acc tu ?sebaaaabbbbb ......ada org tnya dkt amir "minat hami?" .HAHAHAHAAH .lawak apa weyyy ?!!amir tu dh mcm abg aku la .well ,tkde abang kan .ada kkak sorg je ,thts why la dh anggap amir tu as abang yg baik sgt !!no worries la .dah tk payah la request nk follow insta bagai ,sbb aku tkkn approve pun .kau nk buat apa pun follow insta aku tu ,?nak tgk semua gmba aku dgn amir ?hmmm ,tk payah .buat kau sakit hati je tgk lelaki yg kau suka rapat sgt dg pmpuan lain .better kau ignore je .kan ??hahahahaha .

hmmmmm ,dh tktau dh nk merapu apa .gimme an idea pls .hahaahahaha lols .hah ,tetiba teringat satu quote yg aku baca dkt twitter : "boys ,they can be the craziest ,funniest friend ever .until you start love one of them" .hahahaaha .faham mksud dia ?thts why la aku mmg tkkn suka kawan sndiri unless dioarg mmg ada niat nk break the wall .hmmm ....

okay la ,tuto and lect note byk lagi tk siap and tk salin .merapu dkt sini pun sbb dh tepu tgk lect note probability .hahahahaah .

assalamualikum .adios !! :)

Thursday, February 20, 2014

from me for you guys

H3 2nd class in pasum .still remember how hard i cried after got news have to change class from K2 to H3 ,how worried i am bcs have to meet new friends .hmmmm .but ALLAH know the best for me .this new class was the best class i ever had .hahahaha .acah2 mcm byk kelas plak prnh aku msuk dkt pasum ni .hehhehe .but i really sure that my class rn was the best for my journey in here .

I get really closed with them .alhamdulillah .be one of the 9 girls in the class was superb amazing !hahahahha .mye cuya zai jijah aida nel syira and neddy ,they treat me like im not a new member at all .1st day entered the new class not as terrified as i imagined bfore .hahahahah .thanks a lot guys :) .

And the 3rd day as a new member ,was chemistry lab .and have to sit in btwn amir and mior .guess what i thought at that time .hahahah ."haish .what a bad luck for me .be the only girl was transferred into tht class .and now ,hve to be the only girl sit at tht row." .hahahha.

But alhamdulillah .evrythng was fine .and started from chemistry lab ,i started to know amir and other gentlemen in tht class .he helps me a lot during the experiment .a lot okay !hahaha .thanks amir .
Then we get closer and now he is my gediks partner .hahaha .

Hmmmm .now bout the girls .i thanked a lot to them .bcs the way they treat me as a new friend ,i never get awkward .day by day ,we get closer and closer .never get bored with them .hahahhaa .always have ideas and topics to talk and tease each other .
Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ..i just cant imagine how is my life at the end of this journey .can we still keep in touch ?can we meet ,talk ,gossiping ,teasing ,joking like this anymore ?

6weeks left .............
Its not a long time .absolutely not .i feel time flies so fast rn .ooo Allah ,am i tht strong to leave them ?am i still get chances to keep this friendship till jannah ?
I always keep in my mind tht Allah know the best for me ...just to calm myself whn this feeling of losing them bothering me .
InsyaALLAH .this friendship remains till jannah .insyaALLAH .i put all my trust on ALL MIGHTY

Dear friends ,

My love for you guys is beyond than wht you all can imagine .im sorry for all my wrong doing ,my overreacting ,my harsh words and so many more .just want you to know tht im glad to have friends like you all .i jimbit you guys a lot !!!hahahahaha .

InsyaALLAH ,all the memories will remains in my heart .i knw ,its hard to keep in touch and remember all the moments after evryone have their own life after pasum .and if one find day ,we met again and at tht time we not recognise each other .i just want to tell you guys tht i never regret spend my life here ,in pasum with you guys .never regret and never will .

Sunday, February 16, 2014

special dedicate for H3 2.0

assalamualaikum earthians ...

after tulis previous entry ,wassep la ezzai suruh baca paragraph last yg special utk geng asparagus and skangkung tu .hahahaah .wondering spe plak geng asparagus ni ?hmmm ,ni khas utk pmpuan2 je .apa ingt korg lelaki2 je yg boleh ada geng skangkung tu ?kteorg pun boleh la .hahahhaha .
tetiba ezzai pegi mention dkt dalam group wassep .perghhhhhh !!! IM JUST DEAD ! *big sigh*
ish ,ezzai ni kalau aku cekik ,apa pun dia tk dapat tau ..soooo ,entry ni khas utk bingit and ezzai .sbb ada request plak tulis utk diaorg .hahahahaahah :P

hmmm ,ni la bingit and ezzai .kalau nk tau knp panggil mukhlis ni si bingit ,ada mention dalam entry yg dulu2 .hahahahahhahaha lols .

paling kuangjaq tau tak !!!kne bahan je dalam group wassep tu .sia2 dapat dosa kering ptg2 ni sbb mencarut .ish ,geram plak aku la .terasa mcm kecik besar kecik besar je diaorg ni semua ,nk je aku picit2 tau tak .huhhh .

hmm ,act plan nak edit prvious enrty and masuk kn gmba scandal baru ni ,tapi mcm malas plak .so tulis la entry baru .hmmm .korg2 semua ,supposely baca dulu prev entry ,baru baca entry ni ..arasso ?HAHAAHAHAH .

hah ,one more thing .terlupa plak pasal scandal yg nk kata baru ,act dah lama .just baru skrg semua tau .hahahaahah .teneneneene .teke la spe ...hohohoh .
*bnyi drummmm sikit* mior and yunaaaaaaa !!!ahaks .

hmmm ,ni la dia yuna yg aku kata kteorg share bespren tu ...hohoho . miorr jgn marah okay ? :))mka diaorg seriousshit sama !!!ke mata aku je yg nmpk mcm tu .hhahahaahahahah .

kbye ,dh penat menaip ... xoxo .

special dedicate for H3 : MALAM EMAS PASUM' 13/14

assalamualaikum ......

hehehehehe .nk warning awal2 ,entry ni mmg akan full dgn gmba so kalau rse2 tknk pun tgk gmba2 ni semua ,better tk payah baca entry ni .haahahahahahahaahahah lols.

MALAM EMAS PASUM !!seriousshit gempak nak mampos !!the best dinner in my life ,setakat ni la .hahahahaha .best sbb bebudak kelas and dia punya makanan !!hahahahaha .hmmm ,semua acah2 havoc je malam smlm ,dgn makeup nya, heels nya .tapi nnt masuk kelas ,semua selekeh balik .hahahaha .

okay ,dh boleh start tayang gmba memasing ...ready ?hahahaah .okay ,here we go ....

 k kte start dkt gmba dkt red carpet dulu . hahahahahha .ajet2 je jalan dkt red carpet ,padahal tu entrance utk vip .tapi ,apa aku kisah kan .hmmm .hohohohoho .

hmmm .yg gmba ni lg la acah2 semua nya .ahahahahah .gentleman2 kelas H3 .dalam gmba tu ada echot ,amir and min .pandai2 la korg sndiri teke yg mana satu tuan empunya nama ye .hahahahahaha lols .

next ....nk share gmba dgn amir !!!! haih ,tngkap gmba dgn dia ,rse bahang hot setappp dia tu .hahahahha .mana tak hot setap nya ,tgh best2 posing sesama ,ada pmpuan2 yg tk dikenali ask permission nk tngkap gmba sama .ish ,sibuk jela kacau i dgn my gediks partner nk tngkap gmba . *sigh*
hahahahahaha .semua nya terpikat dgn muka yg ala2 hensem tu .hmmmmm .belum tau lg perangai gedik si ketot ni mcm mana .HAHAHAHAH .ampun amir ,tk niat nk kutuk kau .ampunnnn .hohohoh .

ni la my gediks partner ..kalau dh start gedik dgn dia ,mmg nonstop !!hahahahahah .thanks la amir oii sbb melayan je perangai aku yg tk blh nk serious lngsung ni .geng buat experiment sesama ,selalu kne marah dgn aku .ahahahaahahah .dah rse mcm abang aku plak .hmmmm .
love you as a FRIEND from the earth to the moon and go to the pluto ,then around the universe together and going back to the earth .hahahha .word friend tu kne uppercase sbb ...well, manusia ni kn senang je nk misunderstanding ,then buat assumption sndiri .hmmmm .hahahahha lols .
gmba yg bertiga tu ,min menyibuk !!!dah lawa2 dah posing ,tetiba min pun nk join .aigoooo ,min ni .dah la kteorg pnggil dia min kha ,acah2 nk jd min ho la kan .tapi ni min ho pasum ,so kne la tukar nama sikit ,jd min kha : shortform muhaimin khadir .hahahaha .ehh tak sure la mcm mana nk eje nama ayah min ,maaf la kalau salah eje ye :)

hmmmm ,proceed dgn ......echot plak !!! my  "scandal" .haish ,aku pun tktau mcm mana boleh kne gosip dgn si echot ni .padahal aku layan semua lelaki dalam kelas tu sama je aku rse .punca start gosip ni ,geng skangkung la ni .tkde bnde nk bahan org ,mula la timbul kan gosip2 liar .ish . hahahaah

 hahahaha .gmba dkt ais tu .ble fikir balik .kesian echot sbb aku pkse dia keluar dewan time org busy tgh makan semata nk pegi tangkap gmba dkt situ .hahahahah .takot plak dh hbis event nnt , ais tu dah cair and tak lawa .heheheeh .act ,ais tu tulis PASUM tapi yg masuk dlm gmba ni UM ni .hmmm ,boleh la tu .hahahahaha

okay ...after ni .gmba dgn afiq plak..

tie afiq and dress aku sebijik plak .what a coincidence la .hahahahahah .afiq ahh sibuk je nk sama dgn aku .ish .hahahahahahaha .

hohohoho .excited plak nk tunjuk gmba dgn lecturer paling hot la kata org ,bukan aku yg kata okay .hahahaah .rse nya dia hot sbb tk kahwin lg ,perhaps .hmmm ,untung nya jd Dr.Fakhrul ,muda2 lg dah ada phD .jealous bak hang kot !!hahaahhah

then ,ni semua gmba random ....terlampau byk gmba smpai tktau mana satu nk masuk dlm entry ni .hahahaah .sespe yg tkde termasuk tu ,mohon maaf la .sbb serious tktau dah nk pilih gmba yg mana sbb terlampau amat banyak sgt !!hahahaahhah lols .

gmba yg last sekali ni .paling tk menahan .tngan amir tu dh mcm nk tertepek dkt muka aku .choiiiii !!

okay ......this time for gegirl plak !!!HAHAHAAHAHAH . girls h3 yg hnya 9 org je dalam kelas .terkontang-kanting ble kne buli dgn bebudak lelaki .hahahah .sbb pmpuan sikit la ,rse mcm lelaki nya overprotective .hahahah .kne layan mcm diaorg tu kaum ayah2 plak .hahahaha .and tk hbis2 panggil kteorg budak tk matang .choiii ,mcm la korg tu matang sgt kannnn .hmmm .hahahaah

hmmm ,kali ni plak khas utk member group wassep "hami + echot = legomovie" .hahahaahah .nama group mcm nk mintak penyepak free je kan .bengong to the max la .aigooo .hahahaahah lols .

just ada sorg member group yg tkde dlm gmba ni .botakkkkkkk tkde .hmmm ,sedih betul .asal la botak tak senyap je mlm smlm ,kan dh lupa nak ambik gmba sama .hmmm .

lastlyyyyy .hahhaah .at last !mst semua mcm dh muak nk muntah kn tgk gmba2 syok sendiri ni byk2 .hahahah .kalau tknk tgk ,spe suruh bce entry ni smpai habis .kan dah warning awal2 dkt atas tu .aigooo .hahahahaahah .

friends ,do come and go .and if one find day , we have to walk away each other .i'll remember our memories in this one short year, each moments ,each seconds and everything bout you guys for the rest of my life .insyaALLAH . :)

lots of love from ,

Friday, February 14, 2014

lalalalalalalalaa .tktau nk letak title pe .

assalamualaikum ........

hahahahhahha .k blm pape dh gelak ,ni asal la happy semacam je ni .hohoho .ofcoz la happy sbb yg jd semua nya yg meyenangkan hati .just ada satu je sad news .apakah sadnews nya ?hmmmm ,nnt malam emas duduk jauh gle dgn meje budak lelaki .skangkung meje 14, yg kteog meje 90!!!seriousshit jaoh nak mampos la .haih ..hahahahah .msti wondering skangkung tu spe kan .skangkung tu nama grup bdk lelaki .hahahah tk sure prnh mention ke tak dlm previous entry .rse nya ada kot .hahahaha .biar kn jela ada mention ke tak tu .
hmmmm ,yg paling lawak nya .meje diaorg kiri kanan pmpuan .then aku ckp la dkt amir ,yang diaorg semua kne selekah malam tu .TAK BOLEH hensem2 sbb nnt pmpuan lain cair dgn diaorg .diaorg semua tu ,kteorg yg punyaaaa ,so jealous kalau pmpuan lain cair .hahahaahahahahah lols .

hmmm ,ni semalam punya cerita .aku cuya zai and mye pegi la jejalan dkt coolblog tu .dinner dkt sana sekali .pastu time balik tu ,cuya berlari .then !!the very epic moment .kunci bilik dia jatuh dlm longkang !!!weyyy tk lawak sgt kot !dh la longkang tu byk ,tktau longkang mana satu jatuh nya .dengan gelap nya lagi .seram la jgk !tapi dh berempat so aku tkde la takut sgt .
tgh operasi mencari kunci tu ,kebetulan amir call .cakap la tgh carik kunci .hahahahaahha .pastu acah2 jela ajak diaorg tlg carik sekali sbb tkkn la pmpuan nk turun dlm longkang besar tu .hmmm ,niat ajak tu gurau2 je pun .yela ,mcm la diaorg rajin sgt nk tlg kn .sbb before this ,semua lelaki yg aku kenal ,tkde la baik sgt .ada je alasan nya kalau org mintak tlg .
TAPI unexpeted !!amir and mior snggup nk pegi pinjam moto echot semata nk tlg cari kn kunci bilik cuya .hahahahaah .tapi kteorg time tu dh smpai kolej ,so pegi tmpt incident tu naik kete je la .lagi sng kan .hahahahaha .serious terkejut gler time bdk berdua tu kata nk pegi pinjam moto echot .perghhhhh !!gentle habis ah .tk sangka dpt kawan mcm dioarg .woahhhh terharu nya .ahaks .gedik plak .HAHAHAHAHAAHAH lols .then carik punya carik ,tk jpe jgk .hmmmm ,so balik dgn tgn kosong la .kesian cuya ,kunci bilik dia hilang .
then pegi kk7 jap ,minum2 gurau2 sembang2 .hahahhaha .dh lama tk gurau dgn mior kan .hmmmmm .alhamdulillah aku dh tk nmpk pun dia mcm tk layan aku .yela dulu ,semua bnde yg dia buat mcm nk bg aku sentap je .tapi skrg dh tkde dh ,everything going back to normal again .hahahahaha .

alhamdulillah .hehehehe .msti mcm wondering kn mcm mana boleh okay balik .hmmm ,aku perasan dia mcm dh okay dgn aku since budak skangkung spread gosip aku dgn echot tu .so ada hikmah la jgk kn gosip tu .hmmmmm .hahahahahaahahah .pastu ,amir pegi wassep echot melalut mengarut gne phone aku .haish ,amir ni mmg tkde keje lain ke dia nk buat ?! geram plak aku .tk habis nk membahan org je keje nya .luckily ,echot mcm cool je .hahahahaah .kteorg dua layan je ,nnt dh penat .senyap la budak2 yg membahan tu .hohohooho .
chill la .si echot tu pun dh ada crush so tkkn la aku nk masuk line kn .btw classmate kot .dh jd member kamcing gilos pun .hahahahaha .thts why la kteorg layan je gosip tu .hehehehe .

hmmm .then mior buat grup wassep baru .member grup nya skangkung pstu pmpuan nya kteorg berempat je .grup baru lg .haih .dah terlalu byk grup kot smpai tktau dah nk wassep dkt mana .hahhahaha .tapi for sure grup baru ni lgi havoc ah sbb semua nya otak mmg tingtong habis .and bingit ada sekali dlm grup tu .mmg syok ah bahan dia dgn ezzai .hahahahaha . *evil laugh*
hmmmmm ,ngantuk ah .wanna take a nap jap .bye guys .adios !!! xoxo

Sunday, February 9, 2014

bengang !

haii guys .wassup ?sihat ?hahahahah .

this weekend tk balik .sbb ada lect ganti pagi sabtu tu .tapiiiii tak pegi pun lect tu .terlajak tido .hehehehe.haih ,jumaat tu pun sama .kelas pagi je then free smpai ptg .tk pegi kelas jgk sbb terlajak tido .ish3 ,pe nk jd ni hami oii .so start drpd jumaat tu free smpai la ahad .better balik je rumah .haish .bosan nk mampos la stay sini .bosan yg teramat smpai kan bangun tido pun pkul 2 3 PETANG !!hahahahah .seriousshit ,teruk gler la .hmmm .menyesal tk balik this weekend ,serioustalk ! :(
dah la kolej tkde air .kalau nk mandi or pegi toilet kne menapak pegi blok lain .peghhh ,menyampah gler la ! ==" .pffft tak faham betul aku dgn UM ni .air tkde la ,kertas nk bg tuto tkde la .mana pegi semua duit yg kerajaan bg ?smpai kan kertas pun tkde .tk faham betul la aku .haish *sigh*

hmmm ,then tadi sbb dh bosan sgt .hampir mati kutu dkt kolej ni .keluar la kjp dgn cuya .pegi survey jalan ke PWTC .heheheh .so sng la nnt nk pegi dinner tu, tkde la sesat ke kan .hahahahha .dekat je pun ,so tkde la risau sgt nk pegi awal ke lmbat time dinner tu .just yg risau nya ,takut jammed je .tp tkpela ,dh tau jalan ,so sng la kan .heheheh .
them ,pegi shah alam .makan ABC !!ABC dia sumpah best !!terbaekkkk kot !!hahahaha .dekat je ,dkt seksyen 2 .hahahaha .tk plan pun act nk pegi makan ABC tu .mula2 pergi shah alam tu sbb nk ambik echot .yela ,member demam kan .risau plak kalau bwk moto sensorg .dah la pagi tu wassep aku bnde yg bukan2 .ada ke patut kata rse mcm dh tk lama nk hidup bagai .spe yg tk takut kalau kawan sndiri kata mcm tu kn .and dia pun ada kata suruh ambik dia dkt shah alam tu .mmg la niat dia gurau je part ambik dia .tp dah kebetulan kteorg berjalan ,apa salah nya pun kalau nk terus ambik dia .call pnya call ,tak angkat .menyirap betul aku .evrytime aku call tk prnh la nk angkat .alasan : malas nk angkat .perghhh ,mmg cabar kesabaran betul la dia ni .yg susah sgt nk angkat call tu pehal ?!bukan nya aku call tu nk menggedik dgn dia pun .call sbb penting kot ,kalau tk penting tk hingin la aku nk bazir kn kredit call org .and one more thing ,kredit dia tk kne cut pun kalau angkat call aku tu ,so angkat jela .tau tak ,rse cm org bodoh ble call byk kali tp tkde org jawab pun !!
let say la kalau aku call dia tu sbb emergency .time tu aku kne kejar dgn perogol ke pembunuh bersiri ke .and 1st person yg ada dkt last contact aku tu dia .aku call dia nk mntak tolong and dia dgn alasan yg lngsung tk blh diterima tu : MALAS nk angkat ,sempat la aku mati katak baru dia nk angkat call .ehh please ah .sakit gler ah hati .

pastu ,time makan ABC tu .pelayan stall tu mcm nk mntak kaki je .dh la aku tgh menyirap dgn perangai si echot tu ,pastu muka kau mcm tk boleh nk senyum je .makanan dh sedap ,tp layanan mcm tahik kau tau !!myb penat ke layan customer ramai sgt ,thats why layanan dia mcm tu .hmmm ,kalau tau penat ,tk payah la meniaga .ddk rumah je ngadap tv sambil goyang kaki .comfirm tk penat kan .haish ,nk meniaga tu buat cara nk meniaga .muka tu bljr senyum sikit and bljr hormat org .manner mana manner ?!aku dgn cuya dh sentap dh time tu .nasib baik aku fikir tgh2 public and tu pakcik tua ,so aku senyap je .kalau ikut kn hati ,nak je aku bahasa kn setepek and balik terus !tak payah makan ABC tu pun tkpe .haish .tak beradab langsung !
Ni la melayu .mcm mana la nk maju ,kalau bukak stall and laku sikit dh buat perangai mcm taik .haish .geram plak aku .mood tgh tk betul ,pastu dgn echot lg ,tetiba pakcik ABC tu plak tk beradab ,mmg rse nk hentak2 je la meje dkt kepala memasing .huhhh .k sabar hami sabar .bawak istighfar sikit .fuhhh .inhale exhale ....
tak worth pun nk pening2 and sakit hati sbb org2 mcm tu .hmmm ,smileeeee :) hahahaahaha lols .

Friday, February 7, 2014

'fairy tales'

hiii earthians ..assalamualaikum :))

banyak bnde nak cter skrg ni .ada yg happy ,menyakitkan hati ,sedih ,smua la .hhahahaha

.okay ,cter yang menyakit kn hati dulu .aku dapat tau yg ada someone ni ruapa2 nya menipu aku .bukan aku sorg je dia tipu tapi semua org !!!weyy ,spe tk geram and sakit hati kalau kne tipu .ada ke patut menipu g diri tu sakit .dah la bukan calang2 sakit , ckp diri sndri sakit kanser bagai .choiiii ,tau tak bnde tu satu doa ?!!!reason menipu : nak attention kawan .pe tak cukup lg ke attention yg kteorg semua bg dkt kau selama ni ?!kau nak attention macam mana lagi ? nak kteorg belai kau 24/7 la ?! eeeeee ,menyirap je aku la .perlu ke nak menipu ?!apa yang kau dpt dgn tipu org tu .nak attention ?!then skrg ble semua dh tau perangai kau ,semua taknak kawan sbb sakit hati .haihhhh ..mana la kau letak otak kau smpai dapat idea nak menipu mcm tu .dah la cipta watak2 orang yg tak wujud bagai .hmmm ,tinggi nya imagination kau kan .haih ...speechless gler time dapat tau kau menipu tu .ble fikir2 mcm kesian jgk sbb semua tknk kwn dgn kau dh ,tapi aku pun tk mampu nk tahan dgn semua dusta kau tu .and after tau kau menipu tu ,aku tnya la dh sihat ke blm .as expected ,kau menipu lagi .fyi ,aku tnya tu sbb aku nk tgk kau menipu lg ke tak ,act aku dh tau dh yg semua nya dusta je .
sedih la tgk life kau mcm tu ,hidup dalam dunia sndiri dgn watak2 yang kau sndiri wujud kan tu .haih ...kau dah blh jd director drama tau tak .aku suggest kn title drama tu "PENIPU ITU SAYA" .well ,skrg kan trend title2 drama yg mengarut .sesuai sgt la tu kan .hmmm .
msti korg fikir aku jahat kn sbb tknk kwn dh dgn budak penipu tu .hmmm ,take time la nk kwn dgn kau balik .yela after diperbodoh kn teman kau beli brg ,pilih kan kau brg bagai time 'sakit' tu .eeeee ,mcm org bodoh pun ada jgk tau ,tlg kau pilih kan snowcap la ,acah2 nk botak bagai sbb 'sakit' kau tu .hmmm ,sorry not sorry .gimme time nk terima hakikat kne tipu dgn kau .

hmmmm ,okay hami .stop dgn cter fairy tale penipu tu .kte cter part yg best plak .hari rabu ritu ,jpe shaakay !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yeyyyy ,happy me is happy dpt jpe shaakay .rse nk jerit je time 1st jpe tu .fikir dkt public je ,kalau tak mmg dh peluk2 nangis2 jerit2 dh tau tak !hahaahah .over plak .ermmm, lntak la nk over pun .jmpe besfren kot ,spe yg tk excited .heheheheheeh .and spend time dkt subway smpai berjam2 ,sembang mcm2 ,gelak2 .hmmm ,rindu nya nk sembang dgn shaakay hari2 . :( how i wish shaakay ada dkt sini ,kan best ....hmmmmm ..plan nk jpe suraya sekali ,tp time tu suraya tk free plak .haih ,sokay la tkde rezeki nk jpe .tkpe2 ,kalau umur pnjng blh jpe lain kali .hehehhehe .

ermmm ermmmm ,nk cter apa lg eh ? hah ,dh ingt dh .echot demam !demam after main hoki .hahahahahahahaahah .ntah pape je ,main hoki pun blh demam .choiii ,poyo sngguh !tapi dia kata sbb main tgh2 panas .hmmm ,spe la suruh main hoki tu .aiyaaa .tkpe la tkpe la ,sakit tu kn penghapus dosa .sabar k atokk tua nyot2 .hahahahahaahha .
kolej tkde air lg . ==" .pbnde ahh PASUM ni .harap je nama gah "UM" tapiiiiii selalu tkde air .kne menapak pegi blok lain .mmg kalau bangun lmbt nk pegi kelas ,tak mandi ah cter dia kn .hahahahaah .tapiiiii ,aku mana boleh pegi kelas tk mandi !!! haih ,lantak la kalau lambat pegi kelas pun .semua salah kolej !!!sbb tkde air .huhhh .geram ni geram !hahahaahhahah .

gtg ,ada hal .tata ......adios !

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

membuang masa ...

yollo yollo earthians....

long time no see ya .hahahahah .hmmm ,act tktau nk update apa ni .hohoho .okay ,tetiba teringat hari tu  time dgr satu lagu ni .lirik dia mcm kne batang hidung sndiri la .sentap bak hang !hahahahahah .ble dgr lirik tu mcm kne setepek penampar gak la .tajuk pe lagu tu ,aku pun tk ingat .hmm , sokay la .forget it .hahahahahha .

hmmmm .......dalam kelas ada gosip baru !!!victims : me and echot . punca ?!!!!spe lg kalau bukan geng skangkung masham .pffftttt .ada ke patut kata aku dgn echot sweet la ,ada scandal la .choiiiiiii !si echot tu dah ada someone lols .and normal la kalau classmate wassep sesama en .aiyaaa *tepuk dahi*
luckily la ,kteorg mcm cool je en .tk kisah pun gosip2 ni .hahahahahah .ecehh ,cool la sgt .dalam hati ....aku rse mcm nk hempuk2 je skangkung masham tu time diaorg bahan2 aku dgn echot .sabar hami... stay cool okay .hohohohohoho .

okay ,proceed to the next topic .malam smlm ,buat potluck .best !!!hahahahah .pasal makan kan ,ofcoz ah best !!tpi tak semua pun join .hmmm ,tkpela .andddddddd .....i bwk kek .yalls ,fyi i buat sndiri k kek tu .homemade !!hahahahah .1st time baking ,and alhamdulillah jadi !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!yeyyyy yeyyy .time kek tu jadi ,aku rse mcm nk lompat2 je .hahahahah .mak and others pun puji sedap .ermmmm ,alhamdulillah .hahahah .yakin je yg diaorg puji tu bebetul sedap ,entah2 diaorg saja je nk jaga hati ...haih ....ahhhhhh ,tk kira !!!dah diaorg kata sedap tu ,thts mean bebetul sedap !!!hahahahahah .

got to go .got class after this .nak makan ,solat lagi ...kang kalau melayan membebel dkt sini ,mmg smpai malam tk habis nk cter semua yg jd .hahahahahah .okay adios *lambai2 tangan* .assalamualaikum .