Saturday, September 13, 2014

starting to miss him .even baru smlm and pagi td jpe ,now i begin to miss him even more . ;(
late night movie ,craving accomplished for nasi lemak pj ,done buying all those stuffs for studio project ,done taking pics for my project and give me the opportunity having such a great night and day .i have no words to describe how i grateful to have you in my life .

still hoping we can meet up everyday like the time we were in pasum .haihhhh .still cant move on when talking bout pasum .how i miss my life in pasum .how i miss my classmate in pasum .how i miss the food in pasum .how i miss the view of tasik kk12 from my room .how i miss everything in pasum .hahaha haha ha ha .talking bout pasum never fail to make me cry .
hoping to have better life in uitm just bcs i want to move on with everything i had in pasum .but my hope fade day by day .the very high expectation to have better life in uitm was killing myself slowly actually .bcs the very high expectation ,i started to hate everything around me .the one and only reason which make me stay here is "ALLAH have a better plan for me" .yakin yang ALLAH dh tetap kan rezeki aku dkt sini ,in shaa ALLAH everything will be fine .

mental breakdown .
not happy with my life and the environment .not happy with myself .makan banyak mana pun still berat makin hari makin kurang .haha im wondering ble la nk gemuk mcm dkt pasum dulu .ble la nk happy mcm dkt pasum dulu .i think i have to make myself redha so i'll be happy and after that my weight will gain .hmmm hypotesis accepted .hahaha bello .

last night movie : the maze runner .superb k cter nya .one of the movie yg patut masuk list of "wajib tgk" la aku rasa .hahaha .thanks my love for suggested me the movie .thumbs up !!hehe .happy gler la dpt spend time together .hehe . *senyum nampak gigi*
pastu hariz plak menggedik terlebih dgn faiz .eeee tah pape btol .selalu nya nangis kalau naik kete kalau mak tk ikut sekali ,tp tetiba naik kete faiz td boleh plak gelak2 .mentang2 la dpt ice cream free terus tersengih je bdk kecik tu .pastu yg paling and paling and paling tak puas hati ,boleh plak hariz tersengih smpai nmpk gigi ble ambik gmba dgn faiz .semua gmba plak tu hariz senyum .huhhh kalau ambik gmba dgn aku ,nk senyum tu pnya la payah ,kdg2 nk pndg camera pun tknk .eeeeeeee serious hariz gedik tau tak ! hish .