Saturday, August 30, 2014

one more day to go ..
and im not ready yet .not at all .tkde satu pun brg yg dh masuk dlm luggage . 'last minute person' yeahh thats totally me .and i am sure tomorrow will be one of the hardest day in my life : stress barang tktau letak dkt mana ,ada je barang yg blm beli lg ,pastu time tu la baru teringat ada bnde yg blm settle lg .haihhhh .but pagi td dh re-check semua borang and semua dh settle just blm ambik gmba pasport je lagi .pastu baju2 semua dh keluar kn dr almari just tnggal iron and lipat dlm luggage .yg aku pening skrg ni mana pegi tudung2 aku ?!time dkt pasum ,almost 30 helai tudung and skrg aku jpe tk smpai 10 helai pun .haaaaaa kemana menghilang tudung ni ?haihhhh .

haihhhhhh .overthinking .and i hate this feeling .tktau nk explain macam mana .hmmmm salah aku kot .it is okay ,its always my fault .my bad .

there ain't no guarantee
but i take a chance on we
baby let's take our time
and when the times get rough
there ain't no giving up
cause it just feels so right
dont care what others say
if i got you ,im straight
you bring my heart to life

mode : repeat song shower//becky g and full volume .dh pening punya pasal ,malas nk ambik peduli surrounding .dgr lagu lg bagus .hmmmm .esok nk kne settle kan semua .so kne bangun awal okay .no more bngun after 10 lagi dh .hohoho . chin up and smile pls :)

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